ANSO 124

Research Design and Proposal Writing in the Social Sciences

This course pursues two inter-related goals: to help students theoretically construct a problem of sociological and/or anthropological importance; to help students develop a coherent research design for their future research.

ANSO 107

Doctoral Seminar I

This seminar introduces PhD students to central concepts and practices, as well as themes and debates, in contemporary anthropology and sociology.

MINT 290

Cultures of Expertise

In this course, we will take experts, their epistemic cultures and their influence on both transnational policies and domestic societies as our focus.


The Nuclear Negotiation with Iran

The discussion of Iran's nuclear file presents the most complex and iterative cycle of deliberations on the future of the nuclear nonproliferation regime and the regime of sanctions. The class will offer perspective on this complex cycle of negotiations from various academic perspectives and from the perspective of diplomatic practice.


Marcel Mauss and International Relations

This course is a research seminar devoted to the analysis of Marcel Mauss's old and most recently published writings that deal with the formation of a society of states, international solidarity, and the emergence of international customary law.


ANSO 124 P1-531 class course
ANSO 107 P1-531 class course
MINT 290 P1-531 class course
MINT 86 P1-531 class course
ANSO 76 P1-531 class course

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