I conducted an ethnography of practices of knowledge-making in the humanities during my pre-doctoral studies which explored how scholars in the humanities and social sciences produce theory through the editing of canonical novels in France.

In parallel, I have published various articles with Michèle Lamont and Joshua Guetzkow on evaluation in the social sciences in the United States. This project has also lead me to intervene in a series of public debates on the evaluation of academic work as well as produce reports for specific funding agencies.



Evaluating creative minds: the assessment of originality in peer review

Michèle Lamont Marcel Fournier, Joshua Guetzkow, Grégoire Mallard and Roxane Bernier, 2007
Pp. 166-181 in Knowledge, Communication and Creativity, edited by A. Sales and M. Fournier. Russell Sage

12 May 2020


Fairness as Appropriateness: Managing Epistemological Differences in Peer Review

Grégoire Mallard, Michèle Lamont and Joshua Guetzkow, 2009
Science, Technology and Human Values. 34(5):573-606

12 May 2020


Peer Review in International Perspectives: US, UK and France

Michèle Lamont and Grégoire Mallard, 2005
Report commissioned by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

12 May 2020


Beyond Blind Faith: Overcoming the Obstacles to Interdisciplinary Evaluation

Michèle Lamont, Grégoire Mallard and Joshua Guetzkow, 2006
Research Evaluation. 15(1):43-55
Reprinted in Peer Review, Research Integrity, and the Governance of Science – Practice, Theory, and Current Discussions, edited by Robert Frodeman, J. Britt Holbrook, Carl Mitcham, and Hong Xiaonan. Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 415-453.

12 May 2020


“La politique des oracles: Raconter le future aujourd’hui” by Ariel Colonomos.

Grégoire Mallard, 2016
European Review of International Studies. 3(2):115-118

12 May 2020


Interpreters of the Literary Canon and Their Technical Instruments: The Case of Balzac Criticism

Grégoire Mallard, 2005
American Sociological Review. 70:992-1010

12 May 2020


What is Originality in the Social Sciences and the Humanities?

Joshua Guetzkow, Michèle Lamont and Grégoire Mallard, 2004
American Sociological Review. 69:190-212

12 May 2020


“Rationalizing Capitalist Democracies” by S.M. Amadae.

Grégoire Mallard, 2005
Critique Internationale. 26(1): 161-166.

12 May 2020


Pour des universités plus justes

Grégoire Mallard, with Eléonore Lépinard, Martial Foucault, Vincent Lepinay, February 2009
La vie des idées

12 May 2020