Book Chapters


Varieties of Professionalism and Perceptions of Gender Discrimination in the Legal Professions

Valeria Insarauto, Isabel Boni-Le Goff, Grégoire Mallard, Eléonore Lépinard, and Nicky Le Feuvre. 2023.
Pp. in Professionalism and Social Change: Processes of Differentiation Within, Between and Beyond Professions, edited by Andrea Bellini, Karolina Parding and Lara Maestripieri. London: Palgrave.

13 Sep 2022


We Owe You Nothing: The Limits of the Legal Mobilization for a New International Economic Order.

Grégoire Mallard. 2021.
Pp. 189-212, in Sovereign Debt Diplomacies: Rethinking Sovereign Debt from Colonial Empires to Hegemony, edited by Pierre Pénet and Juan Flores. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

13 Sep 2022


Targeting Bad Apples or the Whole Barrel: Legal Entanglements Between Targeted and Comprehensive Logics in Counter-Proliferation Sanctions.

Grégoire Mallard and Aurel Niederberger. 2021.
Pp. 269-286 in Entangled Legalities Beyond the State, edited by Nico Krisch, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

13 Sep 2022


Embedded Extra-Territoriality: US Judicial Litigation and the Global Banking Surveillance of Digital Money Flows.

Grégoire Mallard and Anna Hanson. 2021.
Pp. 269-286 in Handbook on Unilateral and Extraterritorial Sanctions, edited by Charlotte Beaucillon. London: Edward Elgar.

13 Sep 2022


L’Europe et le mythe de la paix permanente: Les métamorphoses du pluralisme juridique au vingtième siècle

Grégoire Mallard, 2020
in Traversées de mondes : Rencontres Recherche et Création, edited by Catherine Courtet, Mireille Besson, Françoise Lavocat, and Alain Viala. CNRS edition.

12 Jun 2020


Lawyers in Switzerland. The End of Prosperity in the Age of Globalization

Isabel Boni-LeGoff, Eléonore Lépinard, Grégoire Mallard and Nicky Lefeuvre, 2020
in Lawyers in Society: 30 years After, edited by Richard Abel, Ole Hammerslev, Ulrike Schultz and Hilary Sommerlad. Hart Publishing.

12 Jun 2020


The Eclipse of Global Legal Pluralism in Ethnology: A French Trajectory

Grégoire Mallard, 2020
Oxford Handbook of Global Legal Pluralism, edited by Paul Schiff Berman. Oxford University Press

12 Jun 2020


Do Gender Regimes Matter? Converging and Diverging Career Prospects Among Young French and Swiss Lawyers

Isabel Boni-Le Goff, Nicky Le Feuvre, Grégoire Mallard, Lépinard Eléonore and Sandrine Morel, 2019
Pp. 114-133 in Gender, Age and Inequality in the Professions, edited by Tracy Adams and Marta Choroszewicz. Routledge, Studies on Gender and Organizations.

12 Jun 2020


Evaluating creative minds: the assessment of originality in peer review

Michèle Lamont Marcel Fournier, Joshua Guetzkow, Grégoire Mallard and Roxane Bernier, 2007
Pp. 166-181 in Knowledge, Communication and Creativity, edited by A. Sales and M. Fournier. Russell Sage

12 May 2020


Global Science and National Sovereignty: A New Terrain for the Historical Sociology of Science

Grégoire Mallard and Catherine Paradeise, 2008
Pp. 1-39 in Global Science and National Sovereignt, edited by Grégoire Mallard, Catherine Paradeise and Ashveen Peerbaye. Routledge

12 May 2020

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