Dissatisfied, but not discouraged: the effects of French female lawyers perceiving gender discrimination

Valeria Insaratau, Isabel Boni-Le Goff, Grégoire Mallard, Elénore Lépinard, and Nicky Le Feuvre. 2022.
Journal of professions and organizations. 20:1-15.

23 Oct 2022


Decolonizing Durkheimian Conceptions of the International: Colonialism and Inter-Nationalism in the Durkheimian School During and After the Colonial Era.

Grégoire Mallard and Jean Terrier. 2021.
Durkheimian Studies. 25(1): 3-30.

13 Sep 2022


Viral Governance: How the US Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran Changed the Rules of Financial Capitalism

Grégoire Mallard and Jin Sun. 2022.
American Journal of Sociology. 128(1): 144-188.

13 Sep 2022


Sanctioned Countries in the Global COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign: The Forgotten 70%.

Karl Blanchet, Grégoire Mallard, Erica Moret and Jin Sun. 2021.
Conflict and Health. 15(69)

13 Sep 2022


Le souci des populations sous sanctions : Un défi pour la gouvernance de la santé mondiale à l'ère du coronavirus.

Grégoire Mallard, Jin Sun and Erica Moret. 2021.
Savoir / Agir. 56(2) : 21-27.

13 Sep 2022


Rules and Monitoring Systems: Complementary or Conflicting Logics?

Grégoire Mallard, 2017
American Journal of International Law (Unbound) (111):187-193

16 Jun 2020


The Humanitarian Gap in the Global Sanctions Regime: Assessing Causes, Effects and Solutions

Grégoire Mallard, Farzan Sabet and Jin Sun, 2020
Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations. 26(1):121-153

12 Jun 2020


A Case of Love and Hate: The Four Faces of Alienation Among Young French and Swiss Lawyers

Isabel Boni-Le Goff, Elénore Lépinard, Nicky Le Feuvre, and Grégoire Mallard, 2020
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12 May 2020


What is Originality in the Social Sciences and the Humanities?

Joshua Guetzkow, Michèle Lamont and Grégoire Mallard, 2004
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12 May 2020


Interpreters of the Literary Canon and Their Technical Instruments: The Case of Balzac Criticism

Grégoire Mallard, 2005
American Sociological Review. 70:992-1010

12 May 2020

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