The Middle East at a Crossroad: How to Face the Perils of Nuclear Development in a Volatile Region

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12 May 2020


From Europe’s Past to the Middle East’s Future: The Constitutive Purposes of Forward Analogies in International Security

Grégoire Mallard, 2017
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12 May 2020


Antagonistic Recursivities and Successive Cover-Ups: The Case of Private Nuclear Proliferation

Grégoire Mallard, 2018
British Journal of Sociology, 69(4): 1007-1030.

12 May 2020


The Gift as Colonial Ideology: Marcel Mauss and the “Solidarist” Colonial Policy in the Interwar Period

Grégoire Mallard, 2018
Journal of International Political Theory, 14(2): 183-202

12 May 2020


Strategic Ignorance and Global Governance: An Ecumenical Approach to Epistemologies of Global Power

Grégoire Mallard and Linsey McGoey, 2018
British Journal of Sociology. 69(4): 884-909

12 May 2020

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