Book Reviews


“La genèse des droits de l’Europe des droits de l’homme: Enjeux juridiques et stratégies d’Etat (France, Grande-Bretagne et pays scandinaves, 1945-1970)," by Mikael Rask Madsen

Grégoire Mallard, 2013
Critique Internationale. 58(1):175-180

12 May 2020


Author-Meets-Critics on "Fallout" (including Julia Adams, Ron Levi, Antoine Vauchez)

Grégoire Mallard, 2015
Pp. 21-27, Trajectories (Spring), the newsletter of the ASA section on comparative and historical sociology.

12 May 2020


“La politique des oracles: Raconter le future aujourd’hui” by Ariel Colonomos.

Grégoire Mallard, 2016
European Review of International Studies. 3(2):115-118

12 May 2020


"Science for the Empire: Scientific Nationalism in Modern Japan," by Hiromi Mizuno

Grégoire Mallard, 2009
Canadian Journal of Sociology. 34(3):930-2

12 May 2020


“The Radiance of France Nuclear Power and National Identity after World War II," by Gabrielle Hech

Grégoire Mallard, 2010
Metascience 19(3):467-474

12 May 2020

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